22 11 / 2010

Millet is seeds of panicum – a plant that is considered one of the oldest crops.

Useful properties of millet

Millet is considered the least allergic among cereal crops. It is easily digested by the body, so it surely can be taken by the individuals with sensitive digestion. Moreover, millet has a positive effect on human body and is considered that it helps to antibiotics and toxins excretion. Crumbly millet porridge acts healthily on the body in atherosclerosis and diabetes, and hepatic disease. In pancreatitis it is recommended to undergo 20-days treatment course: to take a plate of millet porridge per day.

Millet contains:

70% starch

12-15% protein containing essential amino acids

В1, В2, РР Vitamins

large amounts of 2,6-3,7% fat

0,5-08% cellulose

little amounts of sugar up to 2%

large amount of such microelements as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium

Millet properties

Millet is consisting of substances that do prohibit from iodine fixation by thyroid gland. Some specialists think that thermal processing destroys properties of millet, other specialists disagree with that. That is why people should consume millet attentively.

Millet for weight loss

Millet is perfect food for those who want to lose weight. Millet is useful for people suffering from obesity because it is inhibiting storage of fat and even removes it from the body.

Millet diet

Millet porridge helps in body relief. It lasts one week and has the next plan:


1 serving of porridge prepared on water without butter, non-greasy yoghurt or banana


millet porridge or a serving of vegetarian cabbage soup, fresh vegetable salad


millet porridge, non-greasy kefir or yoghurt, boiled fermented milk

When keeping to millet diet, not all vitamins come into your body, so it is necessary also to take vitamins.

How to chose millet cereal

When choosing millet cereal you should pay attention on its external appearance. Most delicious and nutritious will be cereal with canary-yellow color. Most pale the color of cereal is, the most “smeared-out” millet you will get.

Millet storage

Unlike other cereals, millet should not be stored for a long period of time as it has a lot of fat which acidifies quickly. That is why millet cereal rapidly bitters and starts smelling unpleasantly.

What food can be prepared from millet

You can make porridge, sweet pie, pie fillers, pancakes, flapjacks, or just add it in soups.